April 20 used to not have much significance, but it sure does now.

Thinking about ways to celebrate the newest "holiday" we came up with a few related activities you can do that will add fun to your weekend.

This technicolor marvel in Denver is the only one of its kind. And while you cannot smoke in the church, you leave with no doubts about what "elevationism" is.

How can you not include a home that was designed and built by someone tripping on hallucinogenics? Your 420 weekend just went a little higher.

No longer will you find a 420-mile marker here, even though it is 420 miles from the state line. It seems as though the 420 signs kept coming up missing. So why not take a drive to where it USED to be and get a great pic of you and your crew in front of the 419.99-mile marker?

Feel like a giant when you go to Tiny Town. Built in 1921 by George Turner to entertain his daughter, this place is just really cool. Although it has dealt with fires and floods, the Tiny Town remains.

The Tank-Rangely

What was once a water storage tank is now a unique concert venue. Recently preserved for future generations, the sound has to be heard to be believed.

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