Dustin Lynch had some explaining to do after his family started to hear "Ridin' Roads," his most recent No. 1 hit and the second single from Tullahoma.

Lynch wrote "Ridin' Roads" with Ashley Gorley and Zach Crowell, but the line in question is drawn from his experiences.

"Out there where the moon hits the water / Out there where your lips hit mine / I don't know where we are / 'Cause somebody stole the street signs," he sings to begin the second verse.

No, Lynch did not steal any street signs in and around Tullahoma, Tenn., growing up but admits: "I attempted to."

A car drove up on them, so they split.

"My mom would have killed me," he adds.

His aunt may kill him. Watch him talk about it at about 6:30 into this interview with Taste of Country Nights. The "Momma's House" singer also talks about his mother's dance moves and how his girlfriend inspired songs on his new studio album.

"The reason that line is in the song is my cousins were grand world champions, and I think still hold the title for street signs in an attic," Lynch tells Taste of Country Nights. "There were 30-something I think. They ended up going to jail for it, legit jail."

His cousins texted him when they heard the song, but they weren't too upset about it, even though news of the thefts made all the local newspapers. But then ...

"My aunt texts and she goes 'How dare you?'" Lynch says, smiling perhaps a little more than his aunt would like.

"I was like 'See, there's good in everything.'" Tullahoma is available now at stores and digital retailers.

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