This was the scene yesterday in Colorado Springs. Snow, ice, stuck cars, and a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Could this be the most "Colorado" thing we've seen so far this year?

This individual and his Mustang found themselves stuck on the icy road at Woodmen near Powers. It seems many of us fail to dress appropriately for Colorado's weather conditions. According to the National Weather Service, it was a toasty 18 degrees last night in Colorado Springs.

Check out the chatter on social media:

KRDO via Facebook
KRDO via Facebook
KRDO via Facebook

Agreed. I sincerely believe my old junior high P.E. teacher, Coach Wilder, didn't even own a pair of pants. That guy could have shown up for a court hearing wearing shorts and jogging shoes.

I saw something similar early last Sunday morning while walking through downtown Grand Junction. It's the middle of winter, and yet people were walking around town in t-shirts and shorts.

Kudos to the drivers who stopped to lend a hand. That's a very "Colorado" thing, too.

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