Recently Jack discovered he has to remove coffee from his diet, and so asking you was the only way he was going to figure out how to live without the life sustaining properties of coffee.

For some reason, coffee and Jack do not get along anymore. And while the reasons are as yet unknown, he needs something to replace it with so he stops singing "How do I Live Without You".  Leave it to you guys to come up with some excellent and, at times, thought provoking ideas on our Facebook page.

Matt Cannon-Matt's suggestion was tea, and it's a good one. All different kinds of tea means more variety!

Jessi Sims- Hot water and lemon. A great suggestion as well. I could get used to that.

Lori Martsolf-Schreiner- Hot Chocolate.Ah yes. Why didn't I think of that? Hot deliciousness in a cup.

Jennifer Davis- Water. Yes, exactly what I have been drinking all week. It lacks flavor but it sure does take care of hydration.

And then there's Lisa Olson Trammel. First she reminds us all that not wanting coffee is like not liking apple pie, (true) then goes on to give some advice on replacing it. Like maybe with a gambling habit, or my favorite, whiskey. While one cannot consume whiskey at work, after is another story.

Thank you all for your excellent suggestions and I will be taking them to heart.

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