Stop what you're doing, throw your bike in the back of your car, and head to Glenwood Springs immediately. A bike ride through Glenwood Canyon is just what the doctor ordered. This ride will clear your mind, strengthen your spirit, and gear you up to take on the world.

Here we go again - another embarrassing admission: I was born and raised in Grand Junction, have been an active cyclist for years, and yet have never biked this trail before.

You've probably seen it a thousand times as you head down I-70. The bike trail starts out in Glenwood Springs, crosses over I-70 just as you're heading east out of town, and then follows the interstate through the canyon.

For the purpose of Sunday's ride (September 4th), we biked as far as Hanging Lake. When I say Hanging Lake, I mean the trail head. Rest assured, no one in my party is accomplished enough to actually ride up to Hanging Lake.

This ride is excellent for expert and novice alike. You can pick up the trail in North Glenwood right next to the Yampa Spa Vapor Caves. From there, it's easy to navigate all the way to Hanging Lake.

The trail is fun, open to all skill levels, and very safe. You never actually "share" the road with I-70. The bike/pedestrian trail is completely isolated from the roadway.

What if you don't have the means to transport your bike to Glenwood? Bikes are available for rent at several nearby establishments. Two people in my party rented their bikes, with the cost coming in at $32 including the bike, helmet, and insurance.

Along the way, you get to enjoy views of the river, the mountains, and the occasional train. You'll also pass right next to three sets of rapids where you can watch rafters having the time of their lives.

Before this year ends, make a point to ride or walk this trail. Round trip comes in at less than four hours when cycling. Please make this trip a priority. You'll be glad you did.

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