When we originally began planning this event I had no idea what a "K" was let alone how far! No that I've walked it several times (in high heels) my legs are cursing me . . .

This zombie infested fun run is coming October 26th and you can register NOW!

Wanna know how far a 5k is before you sign up?

First off lets dicuss the "K" part of a 5K, which represents a kilometer.

Now a kilometer is the equivalent of .62 miles (Why? I don't know.)

So if you are running a 5K, that would be 5 x .62 miles to equal 3.1 miles total!

According to About.com,

Running a 5K is a popular goal among runners because the distance is short enough that even beginner runners can be ready for it in a few months.

HA! The author of this article must not know me very well, I tried to go for a run the other day but I had to go back to my house 5 minutes later because I forgot something . . . I forgot I'm LAZY!

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