Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows, now that it's back on I'm having nightmares on a regular basis again, but I can't help myself. Here's a list I found touting why it's good to be a zombie . . .

--There is no better way to wipe that grin off the attendant face charging you an arm and a leg for gas than actually handing him your arm and your leg.

--Your glaring lack of mobility makes you a perfect candidate for the Lakers.

--Think of all the money you save on moisturizer.

--A vacant-eyed, sexless existence is a great way to find out if you're ready for married life.

--You have an excuse for mindlessly shambling through the mall.

--You can sign autographs as Nick Nolte and nobody knows the difference.

--Under Obamacare, death is a pre-existing condition.

--People taste just like chicken.

--You get to eat all day, every day, and LOSE weight.

--It's not a hot tub party . . . it's SOUP!

Got a good one for us? Post it below!

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