Even after repeated stories and warnings, some dog owners in Grand Junction are NOT getting it. Hot cars plus dogs equal bad news.

Mesa County Animal Services still receives four to eight calls every DAY responding to dogs being left in cars. It only takes a few minutes for the temperature in your vehicle to skyrocket under our Grand Valley sun. On top of that, dogs do not sweat. They can not regulate their own body temperature like we can. That combination can be lethal.

Personally, I am thrilled that the state of Colorado passed House Bill 1179. That gives me (or you) legal right to break the windows of a vehicle that we believe contains an animal that may be suffering so that we can rescue it. Best law ever. If you are unfamiliar with the Bill this is basics of what you need to do and know if you come upon an animal/dog/pet in a vehicle.

  • Make sure the vehicle is NOT law enforcement
  • Have reasonable belief animal is suffering
  • Vehicle is locked
  • Make effort to locate owner
  • Contact law enforcement
  • Use reasonable force
  • Remain with the animal unless medical attention is needed.

Pet owners, please leave your animals at home if at all possible. It is not worth a broken window and police involvement for a few minutes of shopping.

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