Where is YOUR mind at? What were you thinking?

Actually, there are several things that Colorado has the 'biggest' of.

The website Estately.com combed through several thousand Guinness World Records and put together a list and a map of the United Sates. This list contains the things that each individual state holds world records for the 'biggest' of something.

From Alabama to Wyoming, each state holds it's very own unique record. Like Nebraska's 'Largest Serving of Nachos' to Montana's 'Enormous Testicle Festival' to Wisconsin 'Biggest Lawnmower Parade.' 

So, now we turn to our own Colorado. It just so happens that the Centennial State holds several records for BIG things:

  • Dog wedding ceremony
  • Gathering of people wearing fake mustaches
  • Single donation to a University
  • Telephone conference call
  • Collection of antique washing machines
  • Airport baggage conveyor belt
  • People popping bubble wrap simultaneously
  • People dressed as gorillas

Granted, some of those I wouldn't necessarily put on a t-shirt. But, the one that is designated to us on the map is 'The World's Largest Liquor Store.'

The dubious title is held by Daveco Liquors in Thornton, Colo. It is over 100,000 square feet in size and was opened in 2006.



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