We all know that school shootings have increased over the past few years, it is a horrible statistic but it is the facts. And as of this morning according to KOAA News the Denver Public Schools board has now decided to end their relationship with the Denver Police Department and remove all School Resource Officers from the district.

While police behavior has been a highly debated topic lately, it will be interesting to see what parents think about not having police officers on hand to protect their kids and the school if something bad were to happen.

From personal experience, I think having an officer was a great thing at my high school. My School Resource Officer was a very nice guy who created a friendly relationship between students and the police force. Also, just speaking honestly, drugs are available in almost every school. It seems like the SRO's have a difficult job controlling that and if they aren't there I could see a bigger problem with drugs in schools.

This is not even talking about the fact that officers can break up fights and so many other things to improve the safety of the schools they serve.

In Denver, their plan is to take the $750,000 contact they had with the Denver Police Department and spend some of that money on resources for mental health issues. This doesn't sound like a bad idea but it will be interesting to see how this works out for the people on the Front Range.

What about here in Western Colorado? Do you want SRO's to remain in our schools or do you want to see a change?

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