For most of my life, I have been someone who doesn't like to hold on to things or collect items. After spending a full summer cleaning up my grandfather's house after he passed away and hoarded many items I knew this was not how I wanted to live. But as I get older I do seem to be collecting more things. Some of those things are necessities as we get older and or move around but somethings are completely by choice and it's because we truly like those items.

There are tons of people that collect items across the world whether it is comic books, classic cars, or Coca Cola memorabilia there are plenty of things that you could choose to collect.

Finally, I have admitted to myself that I am a sock collector. It's not that I need a huge number of socks but I love creative and fun socks. My collection includes socks from some of my favorite coffee shops, favorite sports teams, and favorite T.V. shows.

In fact the socks I am wearing and you saw in the photo above is from the T.V. show The Office, when the show character Kevin Malone is making his famous Chili and spills the huge pot of Chili all over the floor. My wife was amazing and captured one of my favorite episodes on a pair of socks which made for a fantastic birthday gift last week. She also got me a pair of socks with Dwight Shrute on them that say "FALSE". They are amazing.

So, now that I've admitted I'm crazy about socks, what do you like to collect?

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