Colorado concealed handgun permit numbers have skyrocketed the past few months. recently published this article about the rising number of concealed handgun permits that are now in Colorado. In less than a year, that number has jumped an unbelievable 56 percent.

In December 2016, there were 248,478 CPLs throughout our state. By April 20, 2017, there were 388,646. That's quite a leap. In fact, Colorado led the entire country in the category. As of April, nine percent of adults in Colorado has a concealed carry handgun permit. Experts are saying that number will continue to soar.

Nationally, numbers are up as well. Since last July, permit numbers in the U.S. have risen by 1.83 million. The biggest increases were with black people and women. As a nation, over six percent of American citizens hold a permit.

Will this deter crime? That's what some folks think. Obviously, the Second Amendment is another reason. Because you are allowed to bear arms, you should.

I have no issues with people owning guns. As long as they are legal and were obtained through the necessary and proper steps. I grew up hunting and was around guns all the time. Plus, I believe in a right to defend myself and my property.

However, when it comes to the assault type rifles, that's where I begin to waiver. Unless you are in a military uniform, defending our country overseas, wherever it may be, I see no reason for anyone to own that type of firearm. But, even with that, a lot of it comes down to the individual. Are there people who are wholly 100 percent safe and responsible with these types of guns? Of course. But, the trouble we have is the wrong people getting their hands on this type of firepower.

Again, the question stands. Are more guns the answer?

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