A Texas teacher has made parents in District 51 begin to think about their kids' homework policy.

Homework. It's a word that instills fear in school age kids everywhere. Homework.

That teacher in Fort Worth, Texas decided implement a 'no homework' policy.

Where was THIS when I was going to school?

KKCO News has the complete story, but from what I understand, some studies and research that has been done show that assigning and doing homework in the traditional way is not having a great impact. Wingate Elementary has adopted a new outlook on homework for it's students. Instead of books, papers and worksheets, the school is getting parents to use learning concepts in real world situations.

My father is a retired teacher/principal and Superintendent.  I remember on road trips he and my mom would always play this game with us where we read all the road signs. They made it fun and I never realized I was actually learning!

Now, this is not to say that homework will disappear completely, but maybe District 51 schools and parents can find a more fun and practical way to pass on these lessons.




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