We all know people who enjoy eating disgusting food combinations, like my ex-grandfather-in-law who use to eat his waffles with Miracle Whip! Here are seven of the most disgusting food combinations.

How about:

  • Pepper on top of chocolate ice cream (I eat saltines with my ice cream)
  • Goldfish crackers and milk as a breakfast cereal (2 words-ORANGE MILK)
  • Pasta with brown sugar (actually sounds kinda good to me)
  • Peanut butter and jelly on jalapeno cheese bread (uh no thanks)
  • Ketchup mixed into Coke (WHY?!)

I think the following two TIE for FIRST place as MOST disturbing/disgusting

  • Mayonnaise on canned asparagus
  • Mustard on oatmeal

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