Today, July 12, 2021, is National Different Colored Eyes Day. Did you know these celebrities have mismatched peepers?

Chances are you've watched their movies or attended their concerts and never noticed. With one exception I certainly never did. Here are eleven household names sporting this interesting trait.

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What Is The Condition Called?

According to Google, people with heterochromia iridis have eyes of different colors. There is another form of the condition, called segmental heterochromia, which causes color variations within the same iris. It seems this condition occurs sporadically.

Story Behind the Holiday

The holiday's creator, Jeanne Quinn, says it's "a good day to celebrate the uniqueness of people.... especially those with different colored eyes!"

Quinn, who has heterochromia, established the holiday in 1986. The date of July 12 is her birthday.

Eye of the Beholder

I looked through a list created by Good Housekeeping showcasing 40 celebrities with different colored eyes. Some of the examples they provided really push the limits of the imagination. There is a profound difference, in my opinion, between having different colored eyes and having eyes that don't exactly match.

With That In Mind

Here's a narrowed-down list. Let's check out eleven celebrities with different colored eyes. A few of them are obvious in an instant. Others, you'll have to look closely.

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