When you think of elephants you think big, heavy, maybe intimidating while being cute at the same time but something that never ever crossed my mind was flexible.

However, at least with this elephant at the Denver Zoo, I may and we all may need to rewire our brains in terms of our thoughts on elephants and what we think we know about the world's largest land animal after seeing this impressive display of yoga at the Denver Zoo.

I mean, those things are more flexible than I am. Like humans, stretching can be very beneficial to their health. Zookeepers say that elephants can be pretty easily trained as soon as they're able to eat solid food.

According to Maura Davis, assistant curator of pachyderms at the Denver Zoo: "Elephant programs need to have an exercise program. So, part of our exercise for the elephants who live here is yoga- different stretches to keep their joints mobile, active, and engaged,"

I've heard of goat yoga, where cute little goats will hang out with you and even walk on your back for a little massage while you're doing your yoga poses but as for elephant yoga, it's probably not a good idea to start incorporating them into something like that because one of those things standing on you would not be nearly as relaxing...at all.

So the next time you head down to the zoo, perhaps you may spot an elephant doing some stretches and now you can truly know that yes...they are working on their yoga poses.

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