Finally, someone is looking out for the animals we love!

Denver is enforcing a city ordinance that requires animals to have shelter during cold months. Not doing so could cost you an animal neglect charge, up to $999 in fines and possibly up to one year in jail for failing to comply with the ordinance.

While Grand Junction does not have a similar ordinance, the City does publish cold weather tips for pets. Common sense ideas like keeping your pet warm, tips on how to do so and other tips for making sure pets are kept safe and warm during the cold winter months.

Taking on the responsibility of adding a pet to the family means more than just feeding them, making sure they have water and walking them. Short haired animals, as well as very young and very old animals, need to be kept warm and safe from the elements so make sure you can provide for all of the animal's needs before adding one to your family.

Not leaving your pet out in the cold and snow is just as important as not leaving your pet in a locked car in summer with the windows rolled up. Be sensible with your pet and they will love you their whole life.

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