In this incredibly cute commercial for McVitie's Original Digestives, there appears to be a confusing message for those not familiar with the product.

If you're from the U.K., this probably makes perfect sense. But, if you're American, the message may seem different. Before you read more about the product, take our quick poll and tell us what your initial reaction to the commercial is.


McVitie's is a manufacturer of popular biscuits, or cookies as we call them. This particular line are called digestives because of the higher than normal amount of baking soda used in the recipe. When the biscuits were first manufactured, it was believed the soda helped aid digestion.

As far as texture, the closest American comparison is they are similar to graham crackers.

So, now that we know more about them, the commercial makes a lot of sense. One thing I haven't figured out though, how did they get all those puppies in the container?

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