Animal shelters in Colorado and elsewhere exist in part because of unwanted pets.

In Broomfield, Colorado however there exists a dog trainer who is hoping to change that by training unwanted dogs to make it easier to adopt.

Colorado Dog Academy owner Pat Andreason started the Colorado Dog Academy 41 years ago with the hopes that a well-trained dog wouldn't be returned after it passed the puppy stage.

For many people, getting a new puppy is fun and exciting because the puppy is cute and fun. But once they get a little older they get returned to shelters for a variety of reasons, including behavior.

Andreason says identifying the type of puppy you have will indicate what kind of dog it will be. Is the dog laid back or is it aggressive? Maybe it's neither, but figuring that out early will help you deal with the type of dog you will have as it grows.

Time, patience and repetition will help you teach your dog to be a valued part of your family. One you can't imagine being without.




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