At about 4:00 p.m. every day this Air Force veteran who lives in Pennsylvania enjoys a Coors Light as he has for the last 15 years. Back when he was 86.

Andrew E. Slovonic was a pilot in WWII- a handsome devil too. Today, long retired, Andrew gives credit to having lived such a long life, to his daily ritual of having at least one cold Coors Light every day.  FOX News has the story on how he used to enjoy the Banquet, (Coors Original) but switched over to the Silver Bullet 15 years ago.

After being on FOX and Friends the other day and talking up Coors Light, of course, the gang at MillerCoors in Golden wanted to thank Andrew, not just for his service to the country, but for his shout out. So, they immediately sent over some Coors Light and his own personal fridge to keep the supply cold.

PLUS- they're flying him and his son out here to Colorado to check out the plant - and probably get a Coors Light at 4:00, while they're here.

A great story! Check it out!

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