A handicapped boy's adaptive trike was stolen back in October and was never recovered. The community of Grand Junction came forward with donations to replace it, but we had trouble finding one. Well, we finally found one and need your help to secure it.

I was heartsick when I received an email from Amanda asking for help tracking down her son's adaptive trike that was stolen for the second time.

Amanda's son is going blind and has a special-needs bike that allows him to ride with his family, and since it was stolen, they have no way of replacing it.

Here is where I'm hoping our community can help out.

These bikes normally run around $3,000, but I have located one on consignment at Browns Cycles on Main Street!

Brown Cycles and the gentleman with the bike on consignment have have graciously agreed to sell it to us for only $750.00 -- talk about a community coming together.

Browns Cycles

We have already secured donations from listeners here in Grand Junction and around the United States after the original story was posted on our website, but we still have a ways to go before we can purchase it.

PRAISE the Lord! With your help we've reached $315! I just spoke to Chris the owner of Brown's Cycles and they can even take your credit card if you'd like to call them directly at (970) 245-7939.

Or you can make a check out to: BROWNS CYCLES  with ADAPTIVE TRIKE in the memo and mail it:

c/o Mackenzie Dodge
315 Kennedy Avenue
Grand Junction, CO 81501

Thank you in advance for your help, even if all you can do is "SHARE" this info with your friends and family!

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