Help Find Zeb
Your help is needed immediately. Authorities need your help to find and recover a dog stolen out of Garfield County.
Bow WOW Wow!
Never give up hope. That's the moral of this story. Bow WOW you could say.
Stolen Dog Reunited with Owner Will Have You Misty-Eyed
You know that reaction dogs have when you return home? You know, the one where the tail is moving a million miles a minute because they're so happy you've pulled this amazing stunt where you've somehow made it back? That's a reaction this dog owner in Britain didn't know if…
Are you Guilty?
We don't like to think of ourselves as thieves, but, as it turns out, a large percentage of us have stolen something --even though it might be something small.
Stolen Bike Replaced
The front page of the Daily Sentinel says, "Deejay rides to the rescue", but it was an ENTIRE community that helped replace a local disabled boys bike!
Community Comes Together
A handicapped boy's adaptive trike was stolen back in October and was never recovered. The community of Grand Junction came forward with donations to replace it, but we had trouble finding one. Well, we finally found one and need your help to secure it.

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