Yahoo travel has picked each state's 'Most Scenic Drive.' So, where is Colorado's?

Here's the complete list, state by state from The road up to Pike's Peak has claimed the number one spot in Colorado.

Here is what the authors said about their choice for Colorado.

'Colorado’s not exactly lacking for scenic drives, but the twisty stretch of tarmac on Pikes Peak is among the most storied in the entire US. Climbing up toward the clouds should be on anyone’s bucket list.'


It would definitely be very difficult to pick just one stretch of road or highway in Colorado. I was going to create a poll so you could all vote on what you think should be on that list as well. But, where would you even begin? I know I would accidentally leave so many options out.

So, let's turn it over to you completely. Head to the comments section or our Facebook page and let's us know what you think should be Colorado's Most Scenic Drive.

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