It's not just a rumor. The Pike's Peak Cog Railway is closed for 2018.

The famous train that has been in operation for 126 years has been shut down indefinitely and it's future very much in doubt.

Back in November, the railway was shut down for the winter for the first time in a decade, and now the decision has been made to keep the famous train dormant for the 2018 season.

As assessment of the train's infrastructure is being conducted which likely determine it's future. Repair and maintenance of the train and the track that runs to the summit of Colorado's most famous mountain has become extremely difficult and costly.

The bottom line is, the train and the track are old, and it's possible that they have come to the end of their usability. While the short-term outlook for the cog railway is closure, the longer term future is most uncertain at this point.

While tourism in the Manitou Springs area is bound to be affected, folks wanting to visit the Pike's Peak summit will still have a way.

Tourists can still drive their car up the mountain to the summit, however, with the closure of the railway, there are concerns about significantly increased traffic on the Pike's Peak Highway. Combined with construction on the summit house that could start this summer, parking could be an issue. Consideration is being given to the idea of a shuttle service to help get visitors to the top.

The cog railway is a great piece of Colorado history. We are hoping this isn't the end of the line.

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