Coloradans apparently can not spell a word that describes the state we live in. Beautiful. #alanismorissette 

Maybe not ironic, but it is interesting. From, Google has unveiled the most misspelled words of each state of the United States.

At first, it's almost comical to realize that what you thought were simple, easy everyday words are really difficult to spell. For example, I have always had trouble with the word 'vacuum.' Wait, or is it 'vaccuum?' or 'vacuumm?' So, I guess I should feel proud that vacuum' or' vaccuum' or 'vacuumm.' or whatever it is, is the number one misspell for my home state of Wisconsin. Proud.

There are others oddities. Did you know that the number one Google word spell search in the state of Massachusetts IS Massachusetts?? How crazy is that?

So, we probably shouldn't be too bummed that the Colorado word is 'beautiful.' Maybe it just goes to show that we are proud of this state we have to use that word so often in describing it, that we want to make sure we spell it correctly.







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