Here are the results of a recent Google search. The most difficult word in each state to spell. What gives us the most trouble here in Colorado?

According to Google, we Coloradans have searched 'How To Spell' the word tomorrow the most.

Looking at the results for the all 50 states, the word tomorrow isn't the worst word to be stuck with. Not by a long shot.

Let's begin with our neighbors to the west, Utah. Their top search was the word disease. Rhode Island residents had to look up liar.

There are some legitimate words on this search that are tricky to spell. Partially to blame is the English language, which is a mess. Words like pneumonia, chaos, vacuum, receipt, and diarrhea are terribly difficult to spell.

The word beautiful was tops in a few states as well. But, that shouldn't be a problem any longer. This is how I remember how to spell that:

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