Which question did we in Colorado Google the most? Weather? Tim Tebow? Road conditions on I-70? Nope on all three of those. 

Last year, Colorado was asking 'Where's Waldo?' No, seriously. That was number one in 2016. Check out the link if you think I am making that up.

The people at Estately.com wanted to know what questions residents in each state Googled more often than other states.  They decided to use Google Autocomplete and devised a list of 'How To' questions to plug in.  Here are my Top winners from this study:

  • Wyoming - 'How to boil eggs?'
  • Florida - 'How to GET OUT of Florida?'
  • Ohio - 'How to make fire?'
  • Indiana- How to Google something?'
  • Rhode Island - 'How to make an igloo?'
  • Georgia - 'How to get a divorce?'
  • Alabama  - 'How to make love'

So, what in the world wide web did WE here in Colorado Google more than anyone else? Here are our Top three:

  • 3) 'How to compost?'
  • 2) 'How to play backgammon?'
  • 1) How to grow marijuana?'

Not terribly surprised by the marijuana question. It is Colorado after all.


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