I didn't know we had an accent.

There are interesting sounding dialects all across our nation and some do sound kind of sexy. But it's not like an English accent or Scottish accent where you just know that sounds sexy. No, these home grown dialects give you an idea, at least of what region people might be from. But there are some that do not sound sexy no matter how you look at it.

So if they ranked Colorado 38th, which still has me scratching my head, who ended up being sexier than us?

Well first, you should know we sound sexier than Floridians or Ohioans or the Pittsburghers we hear when the Steelers are in town. Surprisingly, we sound much sexier than those in Minnesota. Yah.

But as for who sounds sexier than we do, you may be surprised.

Texas has the sexiest accent according to the ranking, followed by Boston, New York, Maine, and Chicago.

Texas? Really?

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