We're almost halfway through the year, and you deserve a break. When it comes to enjoying one of the many hot springs Colorado has to offer, where is the best place to go? Here are Colorado's ten best according to Trails.com.

Personally, I think sitting in a hot spring pool is kind of like watching paint dry. It's even less appealing in the middle of summer with triple-digit temperatures. Nevertheless, they are relaxing, and ultimately good for the soul.

Why should you spend your vacation visiting a hot spring? The website Livestrong claims hot springs offer several health benefits including improved blood circulation, reduced stress, improved sleep, natural pain relief, and enriched skin condition.

Colorado is equipped with many remarkable hot springs. If you're a local, there's a good chance you know where to find a few out in the middle of nowhere. For everyone else, there are the public hot springs. Where will you find the best? According to Trails.com, these are the top 10.

#1: Conundrum Hot Springs

#2: Rainbow Hot Springs

#3: Valley View Hot Springs

#4: Mount Princeton Hot Springs

#5: South Canyon Hot Springs

#6: Strawberry Park Hot Springs

#7: Eldorado Springs

#8: Desert Reef Beach Club

#9: Hot Sulfer Springs

#10: Indian Springs

Looking at the list, it seems Western Colorado didn't make the cut as much as one might have expected. Colorado's a big state, but not that big. One of these awesome hot springs is just down the road.  Put the car in drive and set course for one of these awesome locations.

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