Here are five of the Most Haunted Places in Colorado. These are numbers 10 through six. 

From, may I present a handful of terrifying locations in the entire state of Colorado?

  • Blackhawk, Colo.

So many ghosts sightings at all sorts of locations. Casinos, hotels and yes, cemeteries.

  • Fitzsimons Army Hospital in Aurora

Old, empty hospitals are always creepy, but this one eye witnesses claim is haunted by evil spirits, records of unexplained noises and sightings of deceased military personnel.

  • Hotel Jerome in Aspen

Some call this the 'Bad Luck Hotel.' Several cases of 'accidental' deaths have been reported. Those unfortunate guests have been seen roaming the halls and even swimming in the pool.

  • Cheesman Park in Denver

Built on an old cemetery. Enough said!

  • Imperial Hotel

Hotel owner George Long 'fell' down the stairs to his death. He has been spotted in the casino playing the slots and even hitting on women.