I have no doubt that there are real live haunted houses throughout Colorado.

I'm not talking about the put together haunted house that we all get to enjoy during the Halloween season.

I'm talking about some seriously creepy spirits that seem to be stuck between heaven and hell.

First of all, it would be horrible to be stuck here. If I were a ghost, I'd probably be an angry one because I'd be so upset that I wasn't dancing in glory. Thank goodness, I don't need to worry about that.

I've lived in a few places that were definitely haunted. The gloomiest house I ever lived in and had an enormous amount of evil activity was located in Golden, Colorado.

While I write this and think of all the darkness that occurred in that house it literally gives me the heebie-jeebies.

I asked the listeners on Facebook if they had ever lived in a haunted house and if they would continue to stay there if they knew it was haunted. I laugh because of one of the comments said: "yep because no one can afford a non-haunted house."

That was certainly a true statement for me in the Golden House. It was super scary, but I couldn't afford to move at the time.

A few others that shared their comments said this:

I'm pretty sure where I'm staying here in Grand Junction it's got something strange going on inside. I might have to do some investigating, or call Ghostbusters to find out.

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