These haunted attractions in Colorado are 100% scream-worthy. Celebrate the spooky season with a walk into the haunted mines or maybe playing zombie paintball.

'Tis the season to get terrified. Whether you want a corn maze or haunted house, these haunted attractions have all of that and more.

You can even get a lights out experience at the Haunted Mines, which means your only light, is one single candlelight. Here are some haunted attractions around Colorado:

  • 1

    Scream Acres


    Scream Acres in LaSalle, doesn't just have one haunted attraction. You can take your chances in the corn maze, play zombie paintball, and take part in an indoor ghost haunt too. Scream Acres also has less scary stuff, like pedal go-carts and a jumbo jumper.

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    Haunted Mines

    Colorado Springs

    The Haunted Mines in Colorado Springs is a very hands-on hanted house experience. You walk through nearly claustrophobic type conditions while learning about mining in Colorado. The 'Lights Out' experience makes/lets you go through the haunted mines, with only one small candle.

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    Reapers Hollow


    Reapers Hollow has three attractions, all in the same place. It's Colorado's largest outdoor haunted attraction. There's Reapers Hollow, a terrifying trek through the corn. Then there's the Dead End Motel, where you can check-in, but good luck checking out. Also, there's Goblins Grove, which is behind the Dead End Motel, beware of the goblins who can't wait to terrify you.

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