Our first stop on the 'Grand Junction Haunted Field Trip' is on Chipeta Avenue. Through your suggestions on our Facebook page, here is the first installment. 

This location was brought to my attention by Raven Lyons on Facebook. She posted that the house was built in 1908, she used to live there and that it is definitely haunted!

So, I took off on my journey to scout out this ghost house. Well, it turned out that a couple had recently purchased it and were right in the middle of remodeling it when I drove up. I explained who I was and what I was doing. The reaction I got was great and the wife LOVED the idea. She let me walk around, take pictures and do whatever. She was so much fun. They even joked that maybe the ghosts will like the new renovated house and then be fun spirits.

The gallery above is from my visit. Very neat older house. Upstairs you could really get that older house wood smell.

Part of me wants it to be haunted. I think the un-dead would have such a fun time hanging out with the new owners.

Stay tuned for my next adventure as I continue to follow your leads on 'Grand Junction's Haunted Field Trip.'

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