If Halloween week isn’t spooky enough, my basement here in Grand Junction is. I’m pretty sure I have the creepiest basement on the Western Slope.

When I first moved into my place here, I was thinking it was cute and that it had a charming character to it. I love old houses that have a lot of history.

When I started checking everything in the house out I realized that my place probably has some strange stories. I noticed odd things in the house. Kind of like all the scary movies I’ve been trying to watch. There's always a theme and eerie music.

My house is the same. As you open up the door and head towards the basement you can’t help but hear the frightening music.

SERIOUSLY, I think my son and I about peed our pants walking down the steps. My son shouted out to me, “mom, I think there are dead people down here.” It’s bone-chilling cold all the time.

I mentioned this to my neighbors and they said they actually have seen the police over at my place about a year ago. When the house was empty apparently a homeless man had been camping out in the basement. When the owner came to check out the house they found him sleeping.

Thank you, Jesus, that nobody is there now. I would absolutely flip-a-lid.

If you have a scary basement let me see a picture of it. I bet you mine is creepier than yours, just sayin’.

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