Haunted houses. Haunted roads, even haunted forests. And they're all right here in Colorado. Check them out, if you dare.

Black Forest-Colorado Springs

The story of Steve Lee and the home he purchased in the Black Forest area of Colorado Springs is one that makes your skin crawl.

In 1991 the Lee family purchased a home in the Black Forest after renting it for a year. Soon after closing, things began to get strange. Flickering lights, orchestra music and, as the children reported, "shadow people" began showing up around the house. Add in the sound of footsteps on the roof and you can get a good feeling for how weird and creepy this place is. The video shows a few surprises as well.

Hotel Colorado-Glenwood Springs

Where do I start? An elevator that has a mind of its own. Screams coming from throughout the hotel, a little girl wearing a Victorian era dress just appearing in hallways. These and other reports have been made in this Western Colorado hotel. Steeped in history AND mystery, it seems.

The Third Bridge-Aurora

Out on County Line Road just east of Aurora, in the middle of nowhere, lies the third bridge, also known as the Ghost Bridge. The site of a massace, it is said the longer you sit on the bridge, the louder the drum sounds become. There was also a horrific car wreck in 1997 that saw two cars, full of teens, wreck in the area.

Route 666

Renamed Route 491 for obvious reasons, "The Devil's Highway" made its way through Colorado as well. So named because it was the 6th branch off of Route 66, Route 666 caused some interesting issues to occur. the oddest of which was the black sedan that would ride on your bumper no matter how fast you were going, only to find there was no car there when stopping. Packs of hellhounds ran alongside cars, chewing at tires and causing an untold number of flats. Creepy? Yes.

The Four Corners Skinwalkers

Creepy Colorado Legends
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The story tells of a coyote that sits along the side of the road, staring at passers by. Except the coyote has human eyes and watches as the car goes by, then springs into action, running along side of it, before turning into a man, a man with coyote eyes, banging on your hood. While you drive. At 60-65 miles per hour! Not a place I would like to go driving.

Make sure if you decide to check any of these out, you do NOT go alone!

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