Hiking to catch amazing views is one reason we hike. Hiking the Black Canyon of the Gunnison gives you six reasons. We're going to give you three.

And check out the end of the story and find out why it's called the Black Canyon.

Within the Black Canyon of the Gunnison lies six amazing hikes you can take that will challenge you as well as fill you with awe.

North Vista Trail

This hike is rather strenuous, making its way to the summit of Green Mountain, but the scenery along the way, as well as the view from the summit, is truly amazing and one of the best hikes in the park. Add in the fact that the trail is not usually crowded and you have a fun day taking in the breathtaking beauty. It's a nearly seven-milelong hike, so make sure you have water.

Warner Point

This is where you will find the deepest part of the canyon. I's a bit of a challenge getting to the spot where you can see it, but along the way, there are some awesome views of both the San Juan mountains and the West Elk mountains. It's a fairly easy overall hike, though.

Red Rock Canyon

You have to be awarded a permit through a lottery to hike this trail as only eight per day are allowed. The reason isn't the difficulty, it's the fact that some of the trail cuts across private property. Keep an eye out for poison ivy as well while you make your way along the trail. It's a pretty long trail, measuring 3.4 miles out and 3.4 miles back.

Those three will get you started for sure. Make sure you stretch out before starting, take plenty of water and let someone know where you're going.

And for those who don't know, the Black Canyon is called that because it receives less than an hour of sunlight per day. So it always looks dark. Now you know!

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