You decide it's time to go skiing, and as you start your first run, an avalanche starts.

What do you do?

Well, if you get caught up in the avalanche since you're on skis, I would say ski like the wind!

As you can tell by the jubilant sound coming from the skier, he was able to ski across the top of it and look down onto what was created. Not everyone is lucky that way, however. Some 2,300 avalanches are reported every year and with that comes, on occasion, destruction of property and loss of life. The scary thought is it is assumed as many as ten times that number go unreported.

75% of the avalanches are caused by backcountry sports like skiing and snowboarding. If you are ever caught in an avalanche, it is suggested you try to ski to the edge of the avalanche, if you can tell where that is. The further you can get from the center of it, the safer you will be. And if you lose your skis or snowboard, flip onto your back, legs up and try to ride the avalanche that way.

Now that ski season has arrived in parts of the state, use the information to keep yourself, and others safe.

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