From the Mesa Mall to Palisade, Grand Junction has seen several new eateries and restaurants open up in 2024, after losing a few long-time favorites during the previous couple of years.

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Some of these new restaurants have opened up inside the Mesa Mall, while others have taken over locations that used to be popular places under different owners. Keep scrolling to see what is new and where you can find them.

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Grand Junction Restaurants We Lost in 2024

I still am not used to the closing of Golden Corral in Grand Junction. It was a restaurant I was so used to seeing every time I drove past the mall, and so many people made it their weekend breakfast buffet through the years.

Grand Junction is also about to lose the popular 7th Street Deli after a 17-year run unless someone else steps in and becomes the new owner.

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New Arrivals in Grand Junction

Mesa Mall is about to welcome two new additions to the food court with Jjang Korean BBQ, and Showstoppers Pizza and Bakery both open now. Showstoppers got their start as a food truck that has worked their way up to a permanent location in town. Stop by and show both locations some love the next time you are in the Mesa Mall.

New Occupants

Most Grand Junction residents have been wishing that WW Peppers would magically re-open on Horizon Drive. They have not, but the popular location is now home to a new steakhouse. Check out the gallery below to find out more about Blade and Bone which is open now. We can't wait to try them out.

7 New Colorado Restaurants That Opened In 2024

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