A man in Greely, Colo. is taking a stand to fly the American flag on the balcony of his apartment.

If someone was more entitled to fly the American flag on their apartment's balcony by their name alone, it's Samuel Adams of Greely, Colo.

Samuel Adams was asked to remove ol' glory from his balcony after receiving a notice for breaking the "strict rules" allowed by the apartment complexes management. Management at the Sterling Heights apartment complex said they "try hard to keep a nice, neat community and are diligent about our efforts to keep uniformity in appearance in the areas visible to others.”

Adams took to social media with a video of him reading the letter he received from the apartment complex. Adams said he didn't expect the video to do much until he started receiving support from veterans and military families thanking him for his support.

Apartment management said residents are allowed to fly the American flag for the 4th of July holiday, but they must take the flags down after that date. Adams, however, said he will fly the flag after that date even if it leads to an eviction.

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