As of Christmas eve 2018, only those in the criminal justice system will be allowed access to state-run mental health facilities.

The change is due, in part, to the need for more space for inpatients who are in the criminal justice system. The state feels their hands are tied in this situation due to the overwhelming need for court-ordered psychoanalysis. There has been a %1,251 percent increase in court orders for inpatient mental services.

Organizations like Disability Law Colorado feels it is replacing one problem with another instead of identifying the need for both those convicted of a crime and those who have mental health needs to have access to an inpatient facility.

The state feels similarly but must acquiesce to the judges who are sending people to the mental hospitals for evaluation and treatment.

The state is continuing to pay for outpatient services for those who need it but cannot afford it. Colorado Crisis Service is a community run inpatient care facility is accepting those referrals.

The state is also planning to expand bed capacity as well as converting a youth facility to cover the need for more beds.




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