Did you know this Horror and Halloween icon is from the great state of Colorado? It's true. Okay, she was born in Kansas, but she grew up in Colorado Springs. She very much wants you to enjoy a happy Halloween. She has a few safety tips to share.

That's right, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is a Colorado girl. Well, her alter ego, Cassandra Peterson is. She was born in Manhattan, Kansas (The Little Apple), but moved to Colorado Springs at age 7.

Elvira very wisely hitched her wagon to a holiday, namely Halloween. This is a busy time of year for the Mistress of the Dark.

Considering how much she loves Halloween, it's very important to her you have a fun time and a safe experience. Here are a few tips from Elvira.

Good advice, courtesy of the Mistress of the Dark. Is she really into Halloween, or is that just a part of her gig? As it turns out, she's a true horror buff, and this holiday really is her favorite.

This year is the first time in a long time she hasn't hosted her Halloween show at Knott's Scary Farm. I had a chance to catch one of her final shows at Knott's.

Dressing up is normal for her. As a child, her family owned and operated a costume shop, Peterson's Party Land, in Colorado Springs. As I understand it, the business still exists, but has moved to another part of Colorado.

Happy Halloween! Have a fun but safe holiday. These tips from the "Queen of Halloween" should be very useful.

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