Men across the world unite. We now have documented proof that men can be right. Well, at least once.

It all took place on hole number 4 at the Saddleback Golf Club in Firestone, Colo. This story is relayed to us by Josh Clay, who is the golf courses maintenance manager. It is a story of victory for men around the world.

But, first a little backstory. Husband is set to play in a golf tournament. Wife wants to go along. Husband not sure. Wife convinces the husband to let her be the cart driver. Fine.

Back to the course. There must have been an incident prior because the conversation turned to the wife saying that the only reason she was there was to drive the cart. Husband replies that she a terrible driver. Well, that led the wife to hop into the driver's seat possibly to prove to her husband that she was a great driver.

Well, while steering through a roundabout, she accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake. That sent the cart flinging wildly directly into the lake hazard at hole number 4. Golf clubs drenched, cell phones and wallets are gone. Luckily the cart was saved.

The golf course decided to have a little fun, at the expense of the couple and proceeded to mark the spot for eternity.

Breaking News 24/7 vis YouTube
Breaking News 24/7 via YouTube

The golf course stated that the couple is welcome back anytime they would like.

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