It seems like almost every kid goes through a phase when they get really picky about what they like to eat. Here in Grand Junction things are no different. We all had foods we hated as kids.

Now we have all seen children go nuts at family dinners or even in restaurants when they are being told to eat something they just don't like. As we all know, sometimes Mom and Dad would make you eat whatever it was, sometimes you went to bed hungry.

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Grand Junction's Favorite Comfort Foods

When it comes to foods we like Grand Junction told us that Mac N Cheese, Oreos, Mashed Potatoes, and Movie Popcorn with lots of butter are some of our go-to favorites comfort foods. Don't you wish you could have turned Mom's Brussels sprouts into popcorn or cookies?

The Things Kids Do To Get Out of Eating Something

I always felt bad for my younger siblings when they encountered something at the dinner table they didn't like. Oh no. They are gonna throw a fit and still have to eat it anyway. I can remember one time my sister and I got clever and took the Brussels sprouts off our plates and buried them in a giant bowl of mashed potatoes. It worked for about 10 minutes. When Mom cleaned off the table, she caught us right away.

Which Meal Traumatized You the Most as a Kid?

Liver and onions are still one of the smells I can not stand to this day. If you love liver and onions, well god bless. Just smelling it makes me want to hurl. Scroll on to find out what Grand Junction had to say about their least favorite meals of all time, even though Mom made them with love.

Grand Junction Remembers the Meals that Traumatized Us as Kids

Which meal did your parents serve when you were a kid that you always hated? We all have things we just can't stand to eat. Sometimes those tastes stay the same, and sometimes you get older and develop different tastes. Take a look at all the meals Grand Junction can remember that traumatized us when the dinner bell rang.

LOOK: Grand Junction Colorado's Top 20 Comfort Foods According to You

Comfort food is all about whatever makes ya feel good. Sometimes it's something simple like popcorn, and sometimes it's tuna fish and grape jelly sandwiches.

MORE: What is Your Favorite Food Item You Can't Get in Colorado?

We asked you about your favorite food items that can be hard to find in Colorado. Tell us about something you love to eat that just isn't available in Colorado like it is in other places. Scroll on to find out what the Western Slope misses the most.

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