There are so many great places to grab food on the go in Colorado but one restaurant seems to be on the top of everyone's minds here.

According to a press release from My Telescope, the most popular fast food search in Colorado happened to be Culver's.

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What is Culver's?

Culver's is a fast-food chain that initially opened in Sauk City, Wisconsin back in 1984. Culver's is known for their ButterBurgers® and frozen custard. While Culver's may have started out small, they have quickly grown with locations across 25 states here in the U.S.

Here in Colorado, there are only 21 Culver's locations with two more opening soon according to their website.

In fact, one of those locations will be right here in Grand Junction at 582 24 1/2 road. The other new location will be in Lakewood at 2035 S. Webster street.

Which Other States Were Searching for Culver's?

Colorado was not alone in its quest for Culver's. The popular fast food chain also dominated the search engines of these states:

  • Illinois,
  • Iowa,
  • Utah,
  • and its home state of Wisconsin

Which Fast Food Restaurant Was Most Searched for in America?

Culver's may be the popular pick here in Colorado, but the fast food restaurant with the most searches in America was Chick-fil-A.

My Telescope

Chick-fil-A was the top searched chain in 27 of 50 states here in America.  Culver's took the second top search and Whataburger ranked third.

What Fast Food Restaurants Need to Expand or Come to Colorado?

With this new data we'll most likely see more Culver's locations popping up across Colorado and the rest of the country.

Can we start searching for Raising Canes and Whataburger, please? I definitely think we need more of these locations in Colorado ASAP. What fast food restaurant would you like to see expand or come to Colorado?

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