Colorado is loaded with unique town names that help tell the unique story of our state. Some of these names are historic, some keep the names of significant people around for us to remember, and others are just totally strange.

Get ready for a bunch of uncontrollable snickering as we take a look at 15 Colorado towns with names that all sound kind of dirty when you read them out loud from a map.

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Colorado Towns with Strange Names

Colorado is an older state. We have had plenty of towns grow in size only to disappear and become ghost towns. Some of the stranger town names in Colorado include "No Name", "Nowhere", "Last Chance", and even a city named "Sinbad". What about town names that just sound inappropriate? Yup, we got them too.

Reading Colorado Maps Like a Real Delinquent

You will have needed to retain your 12-year-old sense of humor when you are looking at a map of Colorado. There are just too many references to "wood" not to laugh. If there is one thing we like to laugh at on the radio is satire and innuendo, right? If only there was a town named Fart.

Colorado Towns with Dirty Sounding Names

The towns don't have to sound like a dirty joke to make the list, they just have to sound dirty period. So had Colorado decided to name a town "Mud City", I would have included it on the dirtiest-sounding town's list. Scroll on for 15 places that may sound dirty or filthy depending on who raised you.

15 Colorado Towns That Have the Dirtiest Sounding Names

Have you ever been studying a map of Colorado only to come across a town with a rather dirty-sounding name? Of course, you have. Every state has a few awkward town names that just sound wrong when you read them out loud. Today we are looking at 15 of them in the Centennial State.

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