A two-year-old boxer from Colorado thought it would be fun to drag the water hose into the house to play with it.

So he did.

Boxers as a breed are inquisitive and playful and nothing underscores that quite as much as this video.

Look at how much fun he's having, squirting water all over the house. Admit it, if you could get away with it, you would too.

Watch this precocious pup as he finds all sorts of new places to play with his buddy the hose. Starting in the kitchen and taking the tour throughout the house, this dog took care of watering the plants, the floor, the carpet and pretty much everything else in the house.

He looks at the end like he might have gotten a little wet himself, and all that exercise kind of tired him out.

But at least he can lay there on the carpet and have a drink. Out of the hose. In the living room.

I wonder how happy his owners were when they got home.

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