Dayna Jennings of Brighton, Colorado was convicted in the 2018 poisoning death of her father, 69-year-old William Mussack.

Jennings was also convicted of tampering with a deceased human body as she hid him in the crawl space of the home they lived in together. Jennings had texted a friend how much better she felt nearly two weeks after murdering her father.

The autopsy showed he had been killed by an animal tranquilizer called acepromazine that slows respiration. Records show Jennings had rented two dumpsters and had purchased concrete from Home Depot while using her father's credit card. Records also show the floor and carpet had been ripped up and thrown into the dumpsters, which were then emptied.

Her brother had stated the last time he had heard from his father was December 7 of 2017 when he sent a text telling him he had fallen asleep for 15 hours in a recliner after a massage.

Jennings is facing life imprisonment from the charges. Her sentencing is scheduled for August 19.

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