Have you ever visited a clothing-optional hot spring in Colorado? Would you like to? Before setting out on this adventure, you may want to read a few reviews.

Some in Colorado absolutely love the state's various clothing-optional hot springs. Like anything else, though, there are those who have had negative experiences. Check out these nasty 1-star reviews of various Colorado hot springs.

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Colorado's Clothing-Optional Hot Springs

Do a search of Colorado, and you'll dig up seven clothing-optional hot springs located all over the state. You'll notice I didn't say "resorts." Not all of Colorado's clothing-optional hot springs are businesses. There's one, Conundrum Hot Springs, which is simply a huge puddle located in the middle of nowhere.

When it comes to "resorts" or "lodges," you'll find a handful located near smaller communities around Colorado. Most offer lodging, while some offer day passes.

People Love Colorado's Hot Springs

These clothing-optional hot springs don't have customers, they have dedicated fans. People love them. At a glance, it appears as though these natural wonders thrive on repeat business rather than random customers.

If you read enough reviews, you'll find that visitors, for the most part, are overjoyed with the natural features. The hot springs themselves receive glowing reviews.

After reading thousands of reviews, it seems as if most complaints revolve around:

  • customer service
  • limited days and hours
  • cost

Pull up a few of these businesses, and you'll notice most have unusually limited business hours. Some are closed on various days of the week. Some allow visitors of any age, while others do not. Most go strictly 18+ after a certain time in the evening.

Surprise, Surprise!

Looking at the gallery below, you'll notice that while visiting clothing-optional hot springs, some reviewers were shocked to encounter naked people. Imagine that.

Others, most of whom enjoy what could best be described as a "free-spirited" lifestyle, were disappointed to learn they couldn't bring their entire family, kids, and all.

Nasty Reviews In Colorado

I publish posts like this all the time; nasty reviews of Colorado attractions. This is the first time my posts have included privately-owned businesses. Normally the reviews featured here include natural landmarks such as:

For this reason, I've purposely eliminated the name of the business from the reviews. In most cases, the name of the property was never mentioned, to begin with. It is not my intention to harm the reputation of any business.

Nasty 1-Star Reviews of Colorado's Clothing-Optional Hot Springs

Have you ever visited a clothing-optional hot springs in Colorado? Judging by the web traffic, they're incredibly popular. A large percentage of the population loves them and looks forward to any chance to visit. On the other hand, there are those who've had bad experiences, and have little if anything good to say.

Here's a number of nasty 1-star reviews of various clothing-optional hot springs located in Colorado. These reviews are pulled from sites such as Tripadvisor and Google. The reviews are copied in their original form, typos and all. The one exception would be the elimination of the facilities name. The proper names of the individual hot springs have been removed.

Hot Springs Where You Can Be Legally Naked in Colorado

Have you considered visiting a clothing-optional hot springs in Colorado? There are a number to choose from. Below you'll find information, links, and maps to a number of locations across the state. For the obvious reason, some resorts do not offer photos of their facilities.

Nasty 1-Star Reviews of Colorado's 'Garden of the Gods'

Garden of the Gods is one of Colorado's most beloved attractions. Looking at Google Reviews you'll notice visitors have awarded it an amazing 4.8 out of 5 stars. A handful of visitors, though, did not have a positive experience. One tourist was dissatisfied with the hot cocoa. Another felt the place had far too many rocks. Check out these nasty 1-star Google Reviews of Colorado's Garden of the Gods.

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