There are those in Colorado who consider "rocking the birthday suit" to be a liberating experience. If you fall into this group, where in Colorado can you go "au naturel" without getting busted?

For some, visiting a clothing-optional hot spring is an unchecked item on their bucket list. For others, it's simply a fact of their daily lives. Out There Colorado offers a look at a handful of places in Colorado where you can roam in the buff.

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Going Naked In Colorado

Some enjoy visiting the local clothing-optional locations around Colorado. I am not one of them. I'm a little on the bashful side. For those who aren't, several options exist across the state.

Something To Keep In Mind

Things have been known to change. Just because it used to be legal to be topless or even completely naked at a location doesn't mean it still is.

For our purposes here, this list includes designated "clothing optional" locations. Some communities have ordinances regarding female toplessness. That's a subject for a different post.

Why People Visit Clothing-Optional Places In Colorado

NBC put together a list of "Five Reasons to Bare It All On Your Next Vacation." The list includes:

  • Going clothes-free can be an enlightening experience.
  • “Nude recreation is fun.”
  • It's a deal
  • It's easy to pack
  • It's not what you think. Nudists are not perverts, and their resorts are not seedy.

Well, those are a few bullet points worth considering. I'm still not sold. If you, however, are considering vising a clothing-optional location in Colorado, you may be a bit surprised to discover how many places there are to choose from.

Hot Springs Where You Can Be Legally Naked in Colorado

Have you considered visiting a clothing-optional hot springs in Colorado? There are a number to choose from. Below you'll find information, links, and maps to a number of locations across the state. For the obvious reason, some resorts do not offer photos of their facilities.

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