In 2021, Colorado's Pikes Peak welcomed a mind-blowing 23.7 million visitors. The vast majority of them had a great time. A handful, though, felt obligated to leave behind nasty one-star Google reviews of the attraction.

Complaints range from too little oxygen, too dirty, no beer at the summit, and if you can believe it, not enough doughnuts. Check out these nasty one-star Google reviews of "America's Mountain."

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Visit Pikes Peak, a.k.a. America's Mountain, in Colorado

Pikes Peak is the highest summit of the southern Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. In other words, it's a really high mountain and a fun place to visit. This 14,115-foot mountain is located only 12 short miles west of downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado.

According to Visit Colorado Springs:

  • In 2021, the Pikes Peak Region welcomed 23.7 million visitors
  • These visitors spent a total of $2.6 billion
  • Travel and tourism bring more than $7 million per day into the local economy
  • Tourism is the 3rd largest employer in the Pikes Peak Region, providing more than 20,000 jobs

Tons O' Construction In Recent Years

If you search Google Reviews, you'll find 3,540 reviews of Pikes Peak. Overall, the attraction brings in an impressive 4.8 stars out of a possible 5 stars. In the grand scheme of things, that is an impressive rating.

If you read the reviews, you'll notice grumblings regarding the lengthy construction on the mountain. Fortunately, states the Pikes Peak Summit Visitor Center is now complete.

You'll Need To Make Reservations

According to, with the completion of the Pikes Peak Summit Visitor Center, access to the summit is in "high demand." For those driving to the summit, a new timed-entry reservation system is available and reserved time slots will be required as of May 27, 2022.

You Can't Please Everyone

No matter what you do, you simply can't please everyone. Check out the gallery below, and you'll see it for yourself. Some don't appreciate the lack of oxygen, while others feel the mountain is just too dirty. Imagine that, a dirty mountain.

Laughable Nasty One-Star Reviews of Colorado's Pikes Peak

Don't you just hate it when you visit the restroom at Pikes Peak, a.k.a. America's Mountain, and you get stung by a bee. Even worse, you drive 14,115 feet to the summit only to discover there's no beer or doughnuts? To top it all off, can you believe they actually close on Thanksgiving? Check out these nasty one-star reviews of Pikes Peak.

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